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  • Tony Dickel

    Tony Country Director and Partner in Potential Project Hong Kong and China. Tony is an experienced executive coach and trainer / examiner of professional coaches who, as well as being the founder and CEO of Transcend International, is also current president of the International Coach Federation in HK. Tony’s coaching and leadership approach is to assist with “vertical development” and individual transformation through coaching approaches including mindfulness, self-observation and reflection practices as a core methodology. He teaches mindfulness based approaches into a variety of setting and is also a certified trainer of Wallace and Ekman’s Cultivating Emotional Balance course and has held a number of Board level leadership roles over his 27 year tenure in HK. Tony is married with 1 son, 4 cats and 2 dogs.

  • Michelle Chan

    Michelle has been an executive coach and a leadership program facilitator since 2008. Her clients vary from Chinese SOEs to MNC. Michelle heavily involves supporting her Corp clients’ talent development and change management. She is presently integrating mindfulness into her coaching and facilitation. Prior to this, Michelle has 10 years’ experience in a leading executive search firm (6 countries and 11 offices, last position as Managing Director) and 10 years in an EMS manufacturing (last position as their regional Engineering Director). She has a passionate interest in mathematics and enjoys hiking, reading, cooking and developing people. Michelle speaks native Mandarin, fluent English and Cantonese.

  • Lilian Wang

    Lilian is an internationally accredited facilitator and experienced executive coach. She also works in conjunction with in-house and external organisation development consultancy to facilitate system and cultural change for all levels of staff. Lilian is a strong believer in the value of mindfulness training in helping busy executives to master the ever changing and highly demanding work environment and has successfully integrated mindfulness practice into her coaching and group work.

  • Sebastian Droesler

    Sebastian is a Counselling Psychologist who promotes stress-reduction, emotional balance and valued living for individuals, groups and corporate clients. He works on anger, anxiety, low mood and unhealthy lifestyles and trains people in mindfulness and meditation approaches. His clients come from industries such as banking, IT, media and the educational sector.

  • Andrew Ma

    Dr. Andrew Ma aims to build bridges across East/West culture, skills/mindset transformation, theories/practices in leadership and self development so that the hectic workplace can enjoy more peace, honor and mindfulness. Living half his life in N. America and Asia (currently residing in his hometown Hong Kong) , he brings 14+ yrs global working experience in hi-tech industry to his development practice (training and coaching) using various proven methods such as mindful exercises, psychometric instruments, 360 assessments, case methods, experiential learning and blended learning.